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Brianne Wasserfall

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Product Review

I'm a 27 year old UGC creator and live in the SF Bay Area. I'm passionate about creating content, entrepreneurship and showing my 2 kids that anything you set your mind to is possible.

Why work with me?

I deliver high quality, profitable videos to you. I understand the key to successful marketing is creating content that makes the customer feel understood, with their wants & desires in mind.

How would I add to your brands success?

By creating ads/organic content that's authentic, unique and gets you loyal lifelong customers.

How do I do this?

Being relatable, connecting with the customer, and offering them solutions.

I look forward to being a part of your brands success!

Let's connect!

Call me Bri!

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Rates & Packages

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UGC Videos

Organic videos

*Raw footage +50% base rates

1 video $200

3 videos $400

5 videos $700

*14 day turnaround time

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Tester A: 4 videos (2 set footage, 2 hooks, 2 CTA) $600

Tester B: 8 videos (4 set footage, 4 hooks, 4 CTA) $800

*Includes editing, music, text, captions, voiceover, trends

Usage Rights Rates:

+30% 90 day usage

+50% 180 day usage

Ad campaign videos

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